Personal Statement

My current work is an investigation into what is perceived as worthless or classified as waste. I have become aware of an apparent lack of ownership, relationship and responsibility to waste, particularly packaging, because of the transient nature in which it appears. Merging the idea of of physical and emotional worth, my work explores my own personal memories that are provoked by the daily act of discarding and how the material world impacts our psychological world. Thinking of consumption as the consuming of ideas and knowledge as well as a material notion, my use of hand stitch, imagery and text is a response to mass advertising and the manufacture of desire. By incorporating these ideas into my process, I have found beauty in the mundane and become mindful of the usually thoughtless activity that is, disposing of waste.

Familiar everyday objects are decontextualised in order to catch the eye of the observed while concealing deeper meanings. The physical disruption of what we usually see challenges preconceived ideas about the perception of value as well as the idea of what is, was and could be visually appealing. I take inspiration from society which allows me to take an introspective approach and merge aspects of fine art and design. My ideas inspire new use of materials while simultaneously encouraging exploration of embroidery as a means of communication and how use of stitch can be representative to aid communication.